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V-Yachting is the independent international EMCI certified yachtbroker at the largest marina along the Dutch Coast, Marina Seaport Ijmuiden The Netherlands and is specialized in the professional  purchase and sale of your yacht.
Our  “Mediterranean”  office  has a good view over the port and our sales quay. We have a lot of passers-by since IJmuiden is the entrance through a channel to Amsterdam.


The Marina Seaport has 650 berths and is perfectly situated and superb accessible for sea going yachts, namely directly connected with  the North sea. Our location has a lot of services to offer to our clients. Restoration and refits, engines specialists, sail reparations, tank station, berths up to 65 meters, shopping center, hotel accommodation. Further there are bars and restaurants, dunes,  a wide beach with beach pavilions which makes your stay comfortable and pleasant.


St. Tropez starts in IJmuiden

Through our international network V-Yachting combines sea/ocean going yachts from the Cote d’Azur with the North Sea. With qualified affiliated brokers in St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco and Palma de Mallorca we offer many sail- and motor yachts
which are not specified at our website. 

Selling and purchasing internationally requires a good knowledge and understanding of national law locally
for buyer as well as seller. Accurate communication between involved parties is obvious, but not easy because of differences in languages and cultures. Before buyer moves to inspect his/her “dream yacht” in an other country we wish to avoid negative surprises, that could have been prevented through a better preparation.

V-Yachting organizes up front a portfolio including history, maintenance/refits reports, detailed photographs and inspection of the yacht on DVD. We arrange an inspection visit for you and a sea trial. Also a survey and docking for an underwater survey.

Contracts will be made in required languages including specific international aspects of law. We can take care of financing, transport and insurance. So we are able to solve all your possible worries!

Free of costs

We don’t charge you for the purchase of your yacht outside The Netherlands
. You only pay once commission to a broker and this does include ours.


V-Yachting mediates charters from Spain, Croatia, Monaco till St.Tropez. Sail- and Motor yachts you might rent or let up to 113 meters from a day till weeks, including crew. Also we have the opportunity to let you rent a yacht to just being on it for a vacation without leaving the marina. 
It is very much worthwhile to get acquainted and to discuss your whishes with us, in order to fine-tune the different possibilities we have to offer.  We use standard contracts and commissions.
We invite you to contact us without liability.

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V-YACHTING is een handelsnaam van de Visscher Beheer bv.

Op alle met ons gesloten overeenkomsten zijn de betreffende Hiswa Voorwaarden van toepassing.

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